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Rockford Kingsley, Ltd.


Mission Statement

Rockford Kingsley’s mission is to promote organizational excellence and sustainability in small and mid-size businesses and in nonprofit organizations.  Located on Long Island, New York, Rockford Kingsley assists businesses and organizations in the development and effective implementation of an organizational infrastructure that is outcomes-based and promotes the engagement and retention of employees and customers.   Utilizing established business and scientific principles, Rockford Kingsley promotes operational effectiveness while striving to enhance organizational quality and strategic growth. Rockford Kingsley is committed to its Pillars of Excellence: courage, excellence, honesty, integrity, perseverance and service.  ... Read More About Rockford Kingsley's Mission and Pillars of Excellence Values

History of Rockford Kingsley, Ltd.

Like many baby boomers, we too wanted to change the world!
It all began in 2006 when watching the news was like viewing a doom and gloom explosion of negative images bombarding our large LCD TV screen as it innocently hung on our living room wall. At times it was so bad that we actually longed for the weather casters to begin their “enthusiastic speech” about the day’s climatic events. Unfortunately, hearing about a roaring hurricane 500 miles out at sea, believe it or not, was better than hearing about our down hardened daily world and local news events! Enough was enough! 
We acknowledged the fact, that much of today’s media sensationalizes negative events and disproportionally reports this information, rather than focus on news that is both positive and uplifting. This negative veil may also exist in our home or workplace environment when we fail to receive the encouragement or support that will motivate us to strive for excellence and success in our lives.
Like everyone else, we too were desperate for change. We longed to read about the good things that were happening in the world. Success stories, big or small, that would put a smile on our faces, and help us escape to a better place! 
...Read More About the History of Rockford Kingsley, Ltd

Rockford Kingsley’s Crest

Rockford Kingsley’s crest represents the highest ideals and standards of the organization.  The colors and elements of the crest embody the organization’s core values and standards of personal behavior: courage, excellence, honesty, integrity, perseverance, respect, and service.  These modes of behavior should never be compromised while on one’s journey of personal growth, or when pursuing one’s dreams. ...Read More About the Meaning of Rockford Kingsley's Crest



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