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"Whether you own a small business,a large corporation, or you are a senior executive for a nonprofit organization, it is important to have in place processes that are designed to foster your organization's journey toward performance excellence."



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Business Performance Excellence


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According to the
Baldrige Excellence Framework (2015, p. 51),  performance excellence is defined as "... an integrated approach to organizational performance management that results in (1) delivery of ever-improving value to customers and stakeholders, contributing to organizational sustainability; (2) improvement of your organization's overall effectiveness and capabilities; and (3) learning for the organization and for people in the workforce."   Performance excellence is an ideal that is the result of an organizational commitment to an assessment and outcomes-based operational framework focused on continuous improvement and long-term sustainability.  

Whether you are a senior executive for a corporation, own a small or a mid-sized business, or you are a senior executive for a nonprofit organization, it is important to have in place an operational framework that is designed to foster your organization's journey toward performance excellence.   Further, it is equally important to have in place a comprehensive assessment plan that will identify key performance metrics, detail when and how the metrics will be assessed, and how the resultant outcomes will be used to promote continuous organizational improvement.   Unfortunately, while many businesses and organizations proclaim to have such a framework in place, they either lack critical components (e.g., an effective outcomes assessment plan) or fail to have strategies for the effective implementation of the framework.   
Rockford Kingsley's Performance Excellence Section is devoted to highlighting the components of a framework that can enhance a business's or a nonprofit organization's operational performance.  Further, this section will provide information as to how the effective use of outcomes assessment can promote continuous improvement, and will highlight ways in which the journey toward the attainment of performance excellence can enhance the attainment organizational goals.  The effective use of assessment techniques can lead to the development and implementation of outcomes-based strategies that can greatly enhance the attainment of desired outcomes. 
If you are a business owner or an executive for a nonprofit organization and you would like to enhance the probability that your business or organization will attain its operational goals, then you will want to frequently visit Rockford Kingsley's Performance Excellence Section.  This section will contain informative articles and other features designed to provide you with key insights into the never ending journey toward performance excellence.  So, bookmark this section of Rockford Kingsley's website and set your business's or organization's "GPS" to operational performance excellence.   The path you take will be highlighted with opportunities to enhance the profitability of your business!
Baldrige National Quality Program, 2015.  2015-2015 Baldrige Excellence Framework: A systems    approach to improving your organization's performance.  National  Institute of Standards and Technology, U.S. Department of Commerce, Washington, D.C.

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