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"Frequently referred to as a strategic plan, an effectiveness plan is a framework to build for the future and it aligns mission and goals with resource utilization for the attainment of desired outcomes."

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Introduction To Being Effective


In order for individuals and businesses to continuously improve it is important that they have an effectiveness plan. An effectiveness plan is a framework to build for the future and it aligns mission and goals with resource allocation and utilization for the attainment of desired outcomes. Throughout the effectiveness planning process, outcomes assessment plays a vital role and provides objective information that can be used to make decisions and to evaluate the progress being made toward the attainment of defined goals. 

Institutions of higher education and corporations spend a considerable amount of time developing and implementing effectiveness plans. Many individuals and small businesses, however, either do not participate in the effectiveness planning process or only take part at the most basic level (e.g., setting goals). The reasons for this lack or partial use of effectiveness plans and the accompanying process usually center on: (a) cost, (b) availability and use of valued resources, and (c) knowledge base to develop and implement the plan.
If you are an individual or an executive at a small business who strives for continuous improvement and would like to learn more about the effectiveness planning process, then you are encouraged to frequently visit this section of Rockford Kingsley’s website.  In Be Effective! we will take you through the entire effectiveness planning process from: (a) the development of a mission statement and goals, (b) understanding the value of outcomes assessment, (c) how to develop an outcomes assessment plan, and (d) how to link outcomes assessment with the implementation of the effectiveness plan. The effectiveness planning process may seem complicated but be assured it is not! The process does take a bit of understanding and time, but that is a small price to pay when you consider the value effectiveness planning can bring to you as an individual or to a small business. So, if it is your desire to be more effective in 2015 and to experience the value and excitement of continuous improvement, then join us as we detail the effectiveness planning process so that you can  Be Effective!
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