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General Information and Instructions
We have made navigation within Connections easy by adding a navigation panel to each page. Just click on a button in the navigation panel and you will be taken to the appropriate page within the Connections Section of Rockford Kingsley’s website!
Because Rockford Kingsley is concerned about your privacy and on-line safety we have incorporated features that will allow you to define your privacy settings and control who can view your profile and interact with you. In addition, and as stated in our Terms of Use, members spamming other members, using language that would be considered inappropriate for a family or professional environment, stalking members, posting inappropriate pictures, and providing links to adult or other inappropriate material will be asked to refrain from such activity. Failure to immediately comply with the request will result in the immediate termination of that member’s membership in Rockford Kingsley. Members who have had their membership terminated because of actions that are in violation of Rockford Kingsley’s Terms of Use will have their IP addresses permanently blocked from the website.  

Brief Description of the Pages within the Connections Section 


Profile Page  
The Profile Page is your Home Page and contains all of the information that you would like to share with the other members of Rockford Kingsley. If you would like to update your account, click on the My Account text to the far right of your profile name. In this setting you can change your Username, Password, Display Name, Name Associated with the Account, and your e-mail address. There is also an option where you can change your settings. In the My Settings Tab you can set your privacy within Connections. For example, you can allow all members to see your profile or you can allow just your friends to view your profile. You can also hide your profile. On the Profile Page you can also upload a picture. Please keep in mind that all pictures must be less than 4 Mb in size.
Messages Page          
It is from the Messages Page that you can send and receive messages with other members of Rockford Kingsley. In this Page’s Settings, you can add a signature and determine how you want to be notified when someone has sent you a message.
Groups Page
This page will allow you to view and join Rockford Kingsley’s Groups. You can also establish your own group. Once a Group has been established it will autimaticly have a discussion forum! Just click on the Discussion Tab on the Groups Page and you are ready to begin your forum. Please note, forums that are associated with a Group will not appear in the Forums Directory which can be accessed using the Forums Button on the Connections navigation panel.
Members Page
The Members Page contains a listing of those members of Rockford Kingsley who have allowed their privacy settings to list their Display Names. If you do not want you real name to be listed you can update your Profile and add/achange your Display Name. On this page you can add members as friends and send individual members messages. The listing also indicates the number of friends associated with each member.
Forums Page
This is the place where you will find Rockford Kingsley’s Forums. On this page you have the option to join particular forums and to start your own forum! Please note, because we do not want this section to be cluttered with inactive forums, we will delete all forums that have been inactive for 30 days or more.
Live Chat Page

On the Live Chat Page you can chat with other members of Rockford Kingsley in real time. In the My Settings Tab you can change your avatar, add a new nickname for your live chat, set your status as online, busy, or away, and more. On this page, Rockford Kingsley will feature different chat groups. You are encouraged to participate in Rockford Kingsley’s Live Chat.



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