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Dear Rockford:
I am a 45 year-old male who worked as a division manager for a mid-sized corporation for 15 years. I have a B.S. in business administration from a local university and I have completed one semester toward my MBA degree.  Approximately 1.5 years ago the company I worked for experienced a substantial decline in sales and revenue. ... Read More



Rid Your Home of Cockroaches
The use of pesticides to rid the home of cockroaches can be a problem; especially in households with children and pets.   In this regard, I would like to offer Rockford Kingsley's readers an easy and effective solution to this household program.  First, get a tall jar and about 1" from the top line the inside of the jar with vaseline.  Next, put some dog or cat food in the bottom of the jar and place the jar in a location that has a tight space and is dark and damp - cockroaches love these type of spaces.  The next morning you will find cockroaches in the jar.  The food will attract the cockroaches inside the jar and the vaseline will prevent them from leaving!  Put a lid on the jar and you can release the cockroaches into a field far away from your home.  Repeat this procedure every night and soon your problem will be solved without the use of pesticides or chemicals that could hard children and pets!   
                           ~ Tom K, Louisiana


 Ask Rockford

Dear Rockford:

I am the mother of a boy (12 yrs.) and two girls (7 and 17 yrs.). Like most children they spend a few hours each week on various social networking sites. I monitor the time they spend on the Internet; however, I am concerned about the dangers social networking sites can present to my children. ... Read More



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