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Eleanor Hillock

Eleanor grew up in the 60’s, the dawn of the women’s movement, when men and women had definite roles in society which were rarely challenged.  It was a time when most men and women shared very conservative ideas.  Her mother and father were no exception.  In 1965, when she graduated from high school, it was just assumed that their hard-earned money would be spent on college for her brother, the future breadwinner. Although she had an academic diploma and high grades, she was encouraged to go to secretarial school for one year.  She would work for a few years, find a husband and raise a family.  And so she did.  For years, Eleanor was a housewife, mother and daughter taking care of her elderly mother and father until they passed on. 
Then one day she remembered a quote from Walt Disney,  “If you can dream it,   you can do it.”  At the time, she did not realize how these simple words would influence and impact her life.  Eleanor had a thirst for knowledge. She decided to pursue her dream – to go to college.  At first, as an adult, she was intimidated and overwhelmed by the whole scene: tests, research, papers, and lectures.  She gradually adjusted and a few years later, with high academic honors, (Phi Beta Kappa and dean’s list) graduated from Adelphi University with a Bachelor of Social Sciences degree.  She recently went on to graduate school and received a Master’s degree in Sociology from St. John’s University.  Eleanor’s life, experience and goals are certainly in tune with Rockford Kingsley’s motto, “Think It, Feel It, Do It.”  She never gave up on her dream.
With  all of  her  academic  achievements,   Eleanor found  time  to  serve  the community and help others.  She volunteered as a fundraiser for one of her favorite organizations, “Reading is Fundamental,” and tutored students struggling with writing, math and English as a second language.
Eleanor  Hillock’s  experiences  as a  wife,  mother,  and  caretaker  of grand-children along with having an advanced degree in Sociology have prepared her to bring valued perspectives to all of Rockford Kingsley’s constituents. Her life experiences have  prepared her to understand the challenges and struggles we all experience throughout our lives, to overcome these issues successfully and to live our dreams no matter what our  gender or age.  Eleanor’s advanced degree in Sociology has prepared her to bring to Rockford Kingsley the perspective of group behavior. Her contributions involving group dynamics will provide valued insights into understanding cultural aspects of success and how individual positive outcomes are expressed in diversified social groups.
For recreation, she enjoys  reading,  traveling,  movies,  live concerts and the  theatre.  Eleanor lives in Garden City with her husband, John.  She is the proud grandmother of two boys, Ben (4 years of age) and Jack (one year old).

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