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Summer 2012 Issue
Poetry of
Patrick Lee Clark
Max Pryor Eyes
Tara Menon
Timothy Ogene
Dietra Reid
Masnoh Wilson 
Fiction by
Camille Goodison
Non-Fiction by
Joyce Stokes Jones
Michele Jones Galvin 
Debbie Kulikuff Thompson
Plus original artwork, photographs,
and gallery exhibitions
Summer 2012 Issue Now Available





Rockford Kingsley is proud to feature: E-ViewPoints.  Each month you will have the oportunity to enrich and expand your knowledge of arts and culture as you explore the lives of writers and artists through monthly interviews, commentary, and observations based on their work published in aaduna (  E-ViewPoints is hosted by Bill Berry, Jr., an online publisher and a member of Rockford Kingsley's Advisory Board.  
In the November 2012 Issue, E-ViewPoints features an interview with poet, Timothy Ogene.   
Past E-ViewPoints 
2011 Interviews




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